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It’s been awhile since anyone has sent something from my Amazon Wishlist and it’s depressing. 

Every time someone purchases clothing - I take out an article (or however many per however many they send) and I donate. Normally I start out with giving away clothing to a friend who just finished nursing school (she works) but has 5 kids, 3 of which are still rather young. She’s strapped for cash and can’t afford trendy back to school things for her pre-teen daughter or her 14.5 year old one. I give both girls full range of items I am going to donate, and now it’s back to school time - they want to go shopping in Auntie Lil’s closet! 

Obviously the makeup and tech products are items I want/need and rarely donate the ones they are replacing. 

Have fun shopping for ME and make sure you always tell me what you had sent (confirmation email from amazon is required since there are people who “fake buy”) and I’ll send you a personalized gift via e-mail ;)




Decadent Boudoir ~ Stephanie Van Der Strumpf & Therése Rosier

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Forest McMullin

Day & Night

The photographs in Day & Night look at the face we present to the world and contrasts that with the one we save for only a select few. The work challenges notions of what is considered normal and acceptable.