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Looking for a travel partner in October *flexible dates* for NYC and east coast cities.

Hey Domme friends!

I am looking to book a tour with someone for the east coast (primarily NYC) in October. Tons of wonderful kink parties going on with the Baroness and Fixe magazine.

I have an established place for the two of us in the mid 20’s of the east side. This is a wonderful building that my very close friend  / name withheld but given upon request with her permission/  can comment and attest how sex-worker friendly they are and protective of us. It’s a gallery that people live in that I can’t even begin to describe it’s awesomeness. I also have a driver who will pick us up from the airport, take us and anywhere else we need to go. His rates to us are pretty inclusive and often he doesn’t ask for or accept payment (but I sneak him money anyway).

The cost outside of airfare (to stay there) for 9 days will be less than 1,000 dollars. We are within short walking distance to everything and close to The Baroness’s shop! We do not need to put a deposit down for my place in NYC and we just pay our rent when we want to while there. There’s a library, home made sangria in the office, 2 kitties that live there, Banksy has an apt on C level. Crowley’s granddaughter lives there, milla jovovich frequents to hang out. There’s is ample records to play in the library, no douche bags!!!! They play “Dark shadows” on a loop in the foyer. The list goes on.

I would love to travel into Philly, Baltimore and Boston too. In all my tours there it takes about 4 days to really kick things off.

I’d like to leave from there and travel to California to dip our feet in the ocean, and to take a few clients before heading back to the midwest.

Things I need to note:

  1. *I’m VERY easy to travel with.
  2. *No drama.
  3. *I do not discuss what goes on in your sessions, nor do I publicize any information gossip to others.
  4. *I’m a huge introvert so I’m not into going out but please don’t think you need to entertain me or babysit me - go out and enjoy! 
  5. *I screen all my clients to the point I drive people nuts with that lol
  6. *I will support myself on our tour but I’m OK with helping you out with food, cigarettes etc if you need help (just ask) you don’t owe me for these things. Shit happens and money can be slow sometimes.
  7. *I do prefer to work out of our place but the building in which we will reside has rooms that we can rent per hour ;) if we need to do it. Most of the time they won’t charge us, we just clean up after ourselves. This saves us money from renting a dungeon or dealing with that shit, unless of course we need the equipment. The cost per hour in my building is either 25.00 or 50.00 so technically we are saving money (no cab fee, and most cost of renting dungeon spaces in nyc is 75$ and above)
  8. *I DO NOT EXPECT US TO DOUBLE. I can walk around and entertain myself in the library or in the office with the lovely people that work there while you are sessioning. No worries what so ever. Never feel like you need to turn down work in order to keep the peace between us.
  9. *I do not have much equipment because of a theft situation, I will need to borrow some items. However, my style is more financial (shopping, tease and denial, foot worship, mummification) so I don’t need much really. I always include my travel friend(s) on shopping sprees, dinner and things like that.

I love to make films and I’m 100% open to use filming while on tour to make extra $ or for fun. I’ve wanted a long time to document the tour of two dommes - behind the scenes doc style -.

I have established servants there that are amazing people, they love to meet and treat my friends. They are sometimes OK with doubling but I can no longer ask these same people to allow a training session with another domme, it just doesn’t go over well. I also ask for respect in not getting their personal information in order to establish them as clients. Some are “ok” to do that with but people I’ve seen for 5+ years is a no-no. I would never ever do that to any domme no matter what!

If you’d like to do this, you can either inbox me here or email directly ::

  1. Include your email address
  2. Include your website address
  3. Include your maxfisch profile and any reviews on that website.
  4. I do not have a vip membership to TER and 98% of their reviews are bullshit! I don’t think I have a single true review on there and it’s disheartening as I can’t get them removed at all. Do not trust the reviews on that website unless specified to do so. I’m listed as doing a lot of things I do not do and it’s created many o’ issues. This is the reasoning on why I do not care or put weight on reviews from there. Maxfisch is the only website I do take reviews from. If I know you then I don’t need reviews. I don’t associate with bad Dominas. Just the same as with clients, I don’t take personal references ASIDE from other Dominas you’ve toured or traveled with *and even then I take into consideration their personality. Some people are just rude, nutty and dishonest aka want to ruin you. 


  1. Do not expect me to make YOU money. 
  2. Don’t expect my clients to automatically like you 
  3. Please please no escorting or massage! If that’s your thing, I honestly don’t care but I don’t want to invite that kind of trouble or affiliation into our shared space. By all means if that’s what you do - just rent an hourly and don’t discuss me (guilt by association is a real thing). Again, I do not care if you do it - just not in our shared space and not in our shared ads.
  4. Do not smoke weed prior to our session to the point the room reeks! Please do not be intoxicated in our shared sessions. 
  5. Clean up after yourself at all times, it ain’t that damn hard! I can help you clean up after sessions *even though your client should be doing this, but I understand lingering ones and just trying to get them out so you can get the next client in etc. Just ask me, I have no problem helping :) That’s what friends are for. No slobs though.
  6. I 100% understand flakes, nc/ns but if you get someone that is dicking around with the time and runs more than 15 minutes later than scheduled, either move it to another room *IF I HAVE A SCHEDULED SESSION OR YOU DO RIGHT AFTER!!! or make them keep with their allotted time … or let me know so I can move my own session around. I can even call your next scheduled appointment (if you’re the one with it scheduled so close together, to see if they can arrive a bit later. Again, I will help clean up and set up so you can get ready. 
  7. With that said - never ever leave a client waiting around outside our building! While the building itself is sex-worker positive, they don’t need the shit that obvious.
  8. please use the two call system and meet the client outside the building and walk them up so that they do not linger in the building. We live there, we don’t need stalkers! We can always change rooms at no extra  cost but let’s aim for not having to do that. 

Only established Dommes at this time without jealous significant others Feel free to share this status too. *disregard any misspellings or grammar, it’s 3am.

Sealed with a spank and kiss, 

Mistress Lily Hex

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